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There is a lot that has to still change for women in our country and around the world. Women Creators point this out and share the same in a video where they say sorry for... everything.

Women and society share a rare bond. A bond that is defined by age-old traditions and restrictions that wants them to behave in a certain way. Although all the talks of 'equality and letting women fly and become all that they want' to still prevails, there is always a limitation that is attached to this deal. As recent events have highlighted, Women Creators who create and produce content online find themselves receiving a lot of hate. For every piece of content they make tends to upset a section of the society resulting in criticism, threats and abuses coming their way.

With recent events, online abuses have become just another addition to all the atrocities and pain women go through. India has many talented and amazing Creators who deliver their best to create content that will entertain the audiences. From raising a point to questioning some, they are making their voices heard while living their dream. However, these opinions are at times less appreciated with many sending in abuses and rape threats their way. As a response to this Indian content creator, Srishti Dixit made a video along with her fellow Women Creators. The video sees women apologizing for everything that might have offended people. This powerful video lashes the sad truth of society and social media proving the many restrictions women still face.

The video features creators such as Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Mallika Dua, Shreeja Chaturvedi, Surbhi Bagga, Swati Sachdeva, Vidhushi Swaroop, Pavitra Shetty, Vipasha Malhotra, Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju and Sofia Ashraf. All these women are known to create content that is upfront and straightforward. They have always been vocal about every issue and also entertain the audiences with their wit and creativity.

Talking about the video Sofia Ashraf, Creative Director, The Rabbit Hole said, "Feminists have always faced the ire of society. From the Suffragettes to Mahila Mandals, every time a woman speaks up, she is beaten down by the whip of societal disdain. So, why are we surprised that women are getting rape-threats today? It's because there was a tiny period in time between 2015 - 2020 where we felt that things were changing. Female content creators were leaning in and LOLing hard. Femvertising became a thing where brands realised that women too have purchase power. Our voices were being heard. Our movements were being acknowledged. That's why when in 2020, we're being targetted by the mob, we feel broken. We've realised that a small window of hope in millennia of oppression isn't enough. We need to remodel the entire wall and install an open door. That's why we made this video.

This video was the brain-child of Srishti Dixit. If anyone knows what social bullying is, it's Srishti. She refuses to cower and her spirit is seen through the entirety of the lyrics of this video. This is the spirit I wanted to stand by and stand for and that's why I wanted to be part of this video. A sense of we're all in this together and we're all gonna get out of this together.

I also have an interesting anecdote to contribute to this. I usually make socio-political content. I have even gone up vocally against my own chief minister. But, the time in my career when I've received the most death and rape-threats was in 2012 when I created a diss-track in response to a sexist song. I can't believe how fragile some male-egos can be."


Creator and Comedian Vidhushi Swaroop added, "It would be best if you ask Srishti regarding that video because she incorporated it. Anyway, coming back to your question Why you think women finally apologize for everything. We, 'female comics' have gone through a lot. I am pretty sure there wouldn't be a single female comic who hasn't ever received a 'randi/slut' message in her dm or random bullying for her jokes. A few days earlier Supriya faced massive trolling and even death threats for having her Netflix special and being 'unfunny' according to these folks. There was this whole new wave of people targetting female comedians, content creators making inappropriate remarks in their 'roast videos'.

Anonymous rape threats aren't a new thing to us (how sad I feel while typing this that rape threats are toh normal only) but when this video came of a man with 30k plus followers, it just triggering us. That was hard to digest.

Even if one person is okay with his video that scares me but the sad reality is that there were numerous appreciation comments and reshares of that video. This just came like 'in your face bitches'. We thought we had enough of taking a stand and being strong. We thought to come together and apologize for everything. Apologize for saying a joke, having an opinion or having anything at all. In fact, apologize for even existing."

Take a look at the video:


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