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Sukriti’s take on trending Reels is way too relatable and hilarious

Sukriti's Reels leave you in splits and will make you hit like, comment and share every time she posts something new.

Has social media helped the youth voice their opinions?

Social media is almost like our sounding board today, especially for the youth. They're totally nailing it on social media platforms with...

10 Awez Darbar dance covers you’d love to watch RN

Indian content creator Awez Darbar crossed 10 million on Instagram and we made a list of 10 of his dance covers that...

11 boomers who are ruling ‘Gen Z occupied’ social media rn

There have been many senior citizens who took over the internet recently and became our favourite boomers in the content creation world.

Lifestyle is not only about breadth, it’s also about depth for...

Fashion ka hai yeh Jalwa! Check out what fashion and content creation mean to lifestyle blogger Niharika Jain on today's Friday Follow.

Creator Jessica Sharma and her content is all fun and bliss

From fashion to daily entertaining videos, Indian creator Jessica Sharma is filling our timeline with her amazing content. Content...

Quotes by creators that can be used in everyday life

If you find yourselves in these common life situations, don't forget to use these quotes by creators to make them sound more...

Sasikala Rajagopal’s dancing videos are the dopamine booster you need

While we sit and complain about not getting the time to do what we love, Sasikala Rajagopal shows us what following our...

15 regional singers on Instagram you’re missing out on

These regional singers on Instagram are spreading good vibes in every corner of the country through their voice.

Dr. Cuterus is spreading awareness about sexual health on Instagram

Dr. Cuterus uses her Instagram to spread awareness about all things sex and busts myths around sexual health. How...
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