From early Christmas parties to walking the ramp, here’s the weekend roundup for you!

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Ankush Bahuguna being the showstopper at Elle Graduates 2023 to Sakshi Sindwani's sangan ceremony, this weekend roundup has creators in the festival spirit.

Looks like December is December-ing like it should for our creators who are making the most of this wonderful time of the year. Most of them have been rejoicing by either attending or bringing in the Christmas celebrations at home. Deeksha Khurana is waiting for Santa, Shivani Bafna wore matching sweaters as she celebrated her first Christmas in NYC, Aashna Hegde made a snowman in the Alps, and Srishti Dani tried making her baby’s first Xmas special. Sakshi Sindwani was also in a celebratory mood as she took ‘one step into getting married’ with her long-time beau Raghav Arora with the Sagan ceremony. 

Anuj Dutta had the chance to live the YJHD life with his friends as went on an unplanned trip with Subojeet Maity making most of us feel guilty over our failed travel plans. Another friend group that had something to celebrate was The Ourange Juice gang who shared the joy of seeing the billboard for their anthem. It was also a week of joy for Ankush Bahuguna as he walked the ramp for Whencut Goddamn at the Elle Graduates 2023 show as the Showstopper. Creators were also about opening up and being emotional on social media. Anindita Chatterjee shared a heartwarming post to celebrate her dad’s 74th birthday. Meanwhile, Santoshi Shetty celebrated her birthday by sharing her childhood pictures. 

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