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web series after 6 months in 2023

These web series of mid-2023 not only impressed us with their content but also gave us certain pitches that we couldn't take our eyes off!

Web series of mid-2023: So far, we saw a number of releases from Saas Bhau Aur Flamingo, Jee Karda to Tazaa Khabar that were popular among the masses but it was Jubilee, Farzi, Trial By Fire, The Night Manager, Dahaad, Scoop, and many more that were not only raved about but also stood out among the crowd. As much as Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo or Jee Karda were beloved by people, they had their faults that couldn't be overlooked. Whereas Jubilee or Class, in spite of some of their flaws, did shine bright with their content. Taazaa Khabar was a dramatic representation and Scoop was the real representation of journalism we were waiting for! Kafas, Yeh Meri Family season 2, Taj, UP 65, and more were decent entertainers but it was Farzi, Trial By Fire, Dahaad, and more that left us with a powerful message!

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With all that we consumed in the year so far, check out some web series of mid-2023 that we loved!

Trial by Fire- Netflix

This series with its apt knowledge depicted the truth in a manner that not only stunned the audience but gave them a dose of reality on the issue! You can read the review here!


Jubilee- Amazon Prime Video

This massive show with its cast, and its entire look took away everyone's breath while being a perfect ode to 40s-50s cinema! You can read the review here!

The Night Manager- Disney+ Hotstar

This adaptation with its dramatic flair and explaining everything was a perfect translation of the British version best suitable for an Indian audience! You can read the review here!

Dahaad- Amazon Prime Video

Standing on one of the lines from Mindhunter "If there's something wrong with our society, then criminality is a response to that. This series blew everybody's mind with a deep insight into a serial killer and in turn a look within our society! You can read the review here!


Scoop- Netflix

This series was a recent favorite of everybody as it subtly talked about the state of journalism today while stating its importance in democracy by telling you a story from the pages of the 2000s! You can read the review here!

Farzi- Amazon Prime Video

This Shahid Kapoor vs Vijay Sethupathi starrer was another gem in Raj and DK's universe that talked about a middle class man making it big in this world by a few juggads! You can read the review here!


School of Lies- Disney+ Hotstar

This dark tale of a boarding school kept forward a valuable lesson in trauma and stands against bullying and its impact on children in schools! You can read the review here!

Sweet Karaam Coffee- Amazon Prime Video

This sweet story of three women taking off on an adventurous trip all by themselves is as empowering as a lesson in feminism! You can read the review here!


Rocket Boys Season 2- SonyLIV

This history lesson was a much-needed course that we all needed to take to understand the greatest scientific minds of our country beyond our textbooks! You can read the review here!

Class- Netflix

In comparison to its Spanish original, Class falls a little short yet this show was a necessary lesson about Delhi schools and the classism that exists because of Delhi's geography! You can read the review here!

Special mention: Some nonfiction documentary web series that also stole the limelight with their interesting insights were Cinema Marte Dum Tak, The Romantics, and Dancing on the Grave.

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