Diya Jalao memes flood Twitter after PM Narendra Modi's latest address

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Diya jalao memes

These diya jalao memes are LIT AF!

The entire world is dealing with Coronavirus in their own way and so are Indians. While people in Italy are singing or playing tennis through their windows, we have taken a slightly different route. Slightly. While in other countries, the regular folks are coming up with these activities to keep themselves and others engaged, Indians are playing a national-level version of 'Follow the leader' ft. PM Narendra Modi. It wasn't long ago that the Prime Minister urged everyone to come out to their balconies and clap, ring bells, bang onto plate and glasses to show gratitude towards the doctors and other professionals working towards keeping everyone safe. While most of us used common sense and stuck to the balconies and windows of our houses, some people marched onto the streets in large numbers to do so, defeating the purpose of the drill and increasing the risk of the spread. However, it looks like PM Narendra Modi has another task at hand for all Indians. This apparently is to fight off the dark times brought upon us due to the pandemic. Read on to find out what made desi netizens share Diya Jalao memes.

Check out Narendra Modi's latest address here:

The PM asked people to turn off all lights and light a candle, diya or flashlights on 5th April at 9 pm for 9 minutes. And this message was enough to get the diya jalao memes to flood our feed.

Take a look:

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