Strange Fried Rice Combinations That Are Surprisingly Delicious!

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fried rice combinations

We have adopted a lot of amazing dishes that originally belong to China. Out of which Fried Rice stands out in its own way. An authentic combination of well-steamed rice with vegetables, meat, etc and other ingredients fried rice makes us drool to its taste. Indian’s have however moulded this dish accordingly to suit the taste buds and some of them include strange Fried Rice combinations.

There is a day that is dedicated to this mouth-watering dish in order to celebrate this luscious food called,  “Fried rice day” which is celebrated every year on 20th September. We have listed down the various combination that people tried.

Here are some of these strange fried rice combinations:

 1. Fried rice and Achar

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Achaari Fried Rice I used to make this a lot back in undergrad. It’s the perfect, “I don’t-have- enough-time-to-make-a-full-course-but-I-need-to-stop-eating-out-so-let’s-whip-something-quick-and-easy” type of dish. To make this fried rice, I take some day-old Basmati rice, veggies (carrots, cabbage, whatever I have on hand), ginger-garlic paste, and achaar and fry it all up in a hot wok. Feel free to use whatever kind of achaar you like - it serves as a powerful and vibrant spice paste that truly elevates plain rice like no other. Lastly, I like to top my fried rice with a runny-yolk egg for some protein and creaminess. And there you have it! An Indian twist on a classic. Full recipe at - **************************** #friedrice #achaar #indianfusion #friedricerecipe #indianfriedrice #runnyyolk #friedricewithegg #vegetablefriedrice #indianfood #asianfusion #indianfoodbloggers #indianfoodblog #ricedish #easycollegemeals #easymeals #weeknightmeals #achar #foodiegram #spicyfriedrice #spicyrice #yum #foodblogger #foodrecipes #spicyfood #quickandeasy #chicagofoodblogger #indochinese

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2. Fried rice and Chicken curry

3. Fried rice and Schezwan

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4. Fried rice and Papad/Padadom

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5. Fried Rice and Ketchup!

6. Fried rice and Paneer tikka masala

7. Fried rice and Curd

8. Fried rice and Coffee

Which is the stranger but absolutely delicious Fried Rice combination that you have tried? Tell us in the comments below.

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