From the daily vlogging challenge to compiling best August memories, creators made the best out of Instagram trends this week

This week, We saw some really fun Instagram trends on our feed. Here are some that can inspire you to create from the influencers' world. Take a look.

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Our scroll-sesh is never dull when you have a bunch of trends to try. Inspired by the 75-day vlogging challenge of Ankit Singh, the whole of Instagram has joined the bandwagon and is making their own versions of the challenge. The internet has taken it on them to vlog about the most mundane days in the most hilarious way possible. Watching mini vlogs on Instagram has never been so much fun. Rocky ki Rani ki Prem Kahani has our hearts for its vibrant playlist and the way people are creating content on songs like Kudmayi is proof of that. If you are looking to take a break from all slow and aesthetic to try a more energetic and fun dance trend with your friends, then you should check out what creators are creating on the song "Heart Throb". 

When Doja Cat releases a song, it is bound to encourage some sass from netizens and right now, the spot is for her song "Paint the Town Red" from her latest album. No matter what time it is, swifties cannot miss the chance the make the most of August. They have been sharing compilations of their best memories on the song "August" by Taylor Swift suggesting how Taylor's magic can never fade. It's always good to be living in the moment and we all want to do that but we often find ourselves stuck between the regrets of the past and the anxiety of the future and forget to enjoy the present moment. The "You are Alive" trend on Instagram reminded us of that.

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Check out these fun trends!

Vlog of the day challenge

Paint the Town Red 

Heart Throb 



You are alive 

3:15 (Slowed down and Reverb) 


It's always a right time to try something fun!

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