Kunal Roy Kapoor and Manjot Singh team up for Sony BBC Earth's 'Not Rocket Science'

Priyanka Parmar
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Kunal Roy Kapoor and Manjot Singh share their childhood stories as we talk about Sony BBC Earth's upcoming show, Not Rocket Science on the latest episode of #KetchupTalks.

As children, we often wonder about various things involving various things around us. From the fluttering wings of butterflies to the solar system to the microparticles we can't see with the naked human eye. While a lot of these things seemed interesting to know about, the scientific terms and explanations scared us as kids and some simply bored us to death. But with evolving times, learning about science has become more fun and interesting. Taking this trend forward and getting kids more involved with science is Sony BBC Earth. The channel's upcoming show, 'Not Rocket Science' aims at making science something fun to know and learn about instead of simply reading out difficult terminologies. Kunal Roy Kapoor and Manjot Singh joined them in promoting the show and featured in the promo themselves.

We recently caught up with both, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Manjot Singh and spoke to them about Sony BBC Earth's Not Rocket Science. The talented actors even shared their personal experiences of dealing with science as kids and we're sure you will relate with them!

Check out our latest conversation with Kunal Roy Kapoor and Manjot Singh here:


Check out the Not Rocket Science promo here:

'Not Rocket Science' premieres on 11th November, every night at 8 pm only on Sony BBC Earth.

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