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types of people in a coffee shop

Interesting characters are all around us, all you need to do is look. Well, we did just that (no, not in a creepy way) and we've made a list of 10 interesting types of people you find in a coffee shop.

Combine the comforts of a well-lit, comfy space with an unlimited supply of caffeine and what you get is a haven for a coffee lover. But every coffee lover is different and acts differently in a coffee shop. If you enjoy coffee too, we are sure you must’ve spotted these interesting types of people in a coffee shop and thought, “There’s always one of these people at every coffee shop!”. You're probably one of them too.

So let’s take a look at 10 interesting types of people in a coffee shop:

1. The Coffee Connoisseur

They will explain exactly what kind of milk they want, with what kind of coffee and at what temperature. The perfect cup has only once existed for them and the search for another has continued ever since. Their yelp account probably has the most extensive reviews too. 

2. Social Media Magician

In 0.25 seconds they have already uploaded the perfect picture of that cappuccino on five of their social media handles, including stories and status! Look, they just updated their profile picture as well.  


  3. The Future Authors

Click, clack, and click! That’s all you will hear from their table. Don’t even dare go close to them, an entire universe is being spun in that brain. Maybe you will be reading that book soon. 



 4. Coffee Shop Corporates

“Four lattes please, my colleagues will be here soon” is one of the most common sentences said in any coffee shop. Maybe they are making an important business deal, maybe they are just enjoying a break. Those suits and briefcases look sharp though. 





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 5. The Confused Customer

“I will take…a…a..” a ton of time, and they will hold up the line forever. If you get stuck after them only God can save you. No amount of suggestions will make them pick one cup of coffee. In the end, they will just settle for a regular cup.

6. The WiFi Hoggers

They are the ones who buy the cheapest cup of coffee and sit there for hours downloading their favourite movies or games, as they post on social media while having a Skype call with their friends and there's a good chance they will crib about the download speed too. Their coffee is going to last until the end of the last shift.  



7. The Time Killer

What is the world if not a place to observe and learn from? What is one cup of coffee if not enjoyed properly? Damn! Their intriguing philosophy of life might drown you into an ocean of thoughts too. 



8. Student Under Pressure

They are probably listening to the same song and will keep realizing, mid-way, that the project was due yesterday.

9. The Super Barista

They are the ones who always get the order right. Handling three tasks at once, they even manage to give you a bright smile that makes your day. Don’t forget to tip! 

10. Wrong Name Announcer

“It’s not Rad, it’s Raj” but they will never get it right. They will confidently shout the wrong name across the room even after you have been to the same shop more than ten times. Maybe changing your name permanently to Rad would work.  




And there's probably someone out there drinking tea... Oops, we mean, 'Chai Tea Latte' as well…

We're sure you must have spotted many other interesting types of people in a coffee shop. Tell us more about them in the comments below!

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