Our November binge included these 3 underrated films

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November binge

Our November binge was incomplete without underrated movies on Netflix like Stuck Together, Love Hard and Murder Mystery.

As much as we've enjoyed watching mainstream movies like Sooryavanshi in the theatre this November, our November binge felt fulfilling only after watching back-to-back movies on Netflix. We've surely missed cheese popcorn, coke, and the big screen but the comfort of the couch and pajamas remains unmatched! Along with the fluctuations in our mood, what we want to binge on also changes and November called for underrated feel-good movies, some that made no sense whatsoever.

Check them out!

Stuck Together on Netflix

Stuck Together is a hilarious-because-it’s-so-relatable medley based on 7 families living as tenants in one building on the rue de l’Humanité during the lockdown at a time when there's very little information available on COVID-19 and its aftermath. Three months of lockdown, one building and these families who don’t know each other, become friendly only to struggle with getting along and eventually learn to live with each others’ differences. This movie has a very clear theme throughout – humanity!

Love Hard on Netflix

Love Hard is hard to love if you like movies that make sense. Directed by Hernan Jimenez, this film is yet another ‘boy-meets-girl, followed by drama before they lived happily ever after’ kinda unrealistic romantic comedy that a lot of us enjoy watching, especially if it comes with a holiday theme! The same thing that we enjoy about a romantic comedy ie. a happy ending, feels unrealistic and dumb in Love Hard. Nina Dobrev doesn’t quite hit the mark in this movie as Natalie.

Murder Mystery on Netflix

Nick Spitz, a New York beat cop or should I say, detective, takes his wife, Audrey, on a vacation to Europe on their 15th wedding anniversary. And before they know it, they’ve been invited to join Lord Cavendish on a mind-boggling cruise where they find themselves in the middle of a family feud that leads to a series of murders with Mr. and Mrs. Spitz being the prime suspects. Adam Sandler is a tad too bland for this amateur murder mystery.

Do you have any suggestions for underrated movies and TV shows that we should review? Tell us in the comments below!

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