#Bingerewind: Scenes of 2023 that stirred conversations

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Scenes of 2023

Scenes of 2023

#LetsKetchup: From superstars' cameos to a cancel culture monologue, here are the scenes of 2023 that were whistle-worthy, memorable, and long-awaited! 

Scenes have a certain power to make people connect themselves to the content that they are watching. And if it ends up making people find themselves in it, then it is an altogether another experience. Currently, we all find ourselves busy discussing scenes from the film Animal, whether it is the Boot Lick, Bra Strap Tugging, or anything. While these may not be the best scenes of 2023, they still offer us a chance to discuss the uncomfortable truths of our society. Fortunately for us, there have been many scenes of 2023 that were so good that they not only made us involved in discourse but rather ended up teaching us in the most entertaining possible that making the film or show means so much more than what it could have been!

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After all, if dialogues have the power to make or break a film, a scene has the strength to make even a disappointing show or film memorable! Now, Oppenheimer, Succession, Ted Lasso, or Loki's ending, or Barbie's monologue might have stolen the moment beyond our border. Yet, we have many back at home that deserve that honor as well. Whether it is Rocky making a case to cancel the Cancel Culture, Devi Singh showing us the green flag side of a father, or simply just Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan together onscreen, they all make up for moments that stood out for the year 2023. 

Take a look at the scene of 2023

Rocky's Dole Re Dola and Monologue on Cancel Culture in Rocky Aur Rani 

Karan Johar, with his dependable army, brought back the charm of Bollywood rom-com but with a twist! Ranveer Singh as Rocky, a guy who wears his heart on his sleeves, with his monologue on cancel culture and performance on Dola Re Dola in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani broke all stereotypes attached to masculinity and how we need to give a chance to unlearn to learn for growing up in this woke world! 

Nandini and Aditha reunion in PS-2 

The saga of Ponniyin Selvan follows the tragic love story of Nandini and Aditha who burn for each other as well as burn each other in revenge. Their reunion was long-awaited and when it finally happened in a painful masterpiece of a scene created wonderfully and dramatically by Mani Ratnam that ended in the death of Aditha it was a scene to be remembered. It is the only time when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vikram share screen space and whenever they become lovers onscreen they always end up tragically! 

Tiger's cameo in Pathaan 

Pathaan was a comeback of Shah Rukh Khan that everybody was waiting for but the cameo of Salman Khan as Tiger was an exciting surprise as well as a whistle-worthy moment. That entire fighting sequence of SRK and Salman bhai fighting side by side with each other is a ride back to the Karan-Arjun era! Also, that post-credit scene with both of them discussing how the onus just falls on their shoulder was just too real! 

PC Solanki's closure speech in court in Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai 

Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai was the chota packet bada dhamka of the year where the expectations from the film weren't high but the film with his one-man army of Manoj Bajpayee stole everyone's heart away. The last closure speech of PC Solanki holding the guru responsible and its usage of the mythology was an applause-worthy moment that makes courtroom drama so exciting! 

Devi Singh schooling his son in sex education in Dahaad 

Dahaad was like The Mindhunter of India where we explore the psychological problems that ail our society, especially in terms of sex education and stereotypes of gender. A beautiful moment between a father, a police officer who ends up catching his own son watching porn stole the limelight. Devi's sensitivity in explaining to his son about sex rather than scolding or punishing him is the green flag we need to see more! 

Imraan Siddique's and Deepa Chandra's take on Journalism in Scoop 

Scoop was a need-of-the-hour schooling in journalism we all desperately needed. This schooling majorly comes from Imraan Siddique's many dialogues on Journalism. But his scene in the TV debate where he stands up for Jagruti and calls out the media for putting Jagruti up on media trial and announcing her guilty before the court even does is something we all need to hear! Even Deepa Chandra's remarkable scene about the truth of how journalism is dead with news becoming a source of entertainment and TV gets it but newspapers don't is the truth we can't ignore anymore! 

Dalit Wedding in Made In Heaven Season 2 

Made In Heaven had a lot of lessons, in fact, one too many to give out to us but the Buddhist wedding remains the best one to date. It's not just a scene but an entire episode where the bride fights for her right to be married the way she wants to do it, highlighting how discriminative, casteism, and sexist still our society is despite of women and Dalits achieving so much. Proving we are all woke for the sake of it! 

Jugnu's confession at the end of Guns and Gulaabs season 1 

Guns and Gulaabs was a fun ride back into the world of the '90s but while nostalgia ran high it was Jugnu's secret reveal and confession at the end that stays with you for the longest time after the show finishes. His letting go of the plight, pain, and distance from the world and his father who constantly wants to make him walk the same path as every man does breaks your heart in the most empathetic way! 

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