Ketchup Cut

Ketchup Cut: The Bold Type, carrying the weight to portray empowerment

With amazing stories about powerful women, The Bold Type has become an all time favourite for us! There aren't...

Ketchup Cut: Tamasha, a unique take on love and dreams

Check out which scene from Imtiaz Ali's movie Tamasha left an impact among the audiences and made it to our Ketchup Cut.

Ketchup Cut: Jallikattu, a movie defined by its amazing visuals and...

Check out how Indian films' new-age maverick Lijo Jose Pellisery was able to capture human emotions in the most cinematic way with...

Ketchup Cut: Manchester by the Sea, a realistic approach to death

Take a look at how the movie Manchester by the Sea made an impact as we discuss one of its impactful scenes.

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