From cool mashups to Jennie Kim's latest solo song, here are the best trends on Instagram right now.

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best trends on Instagram

Looking for something fun to create? Here is the list of the best trends on Instagram right now to give you the inspiration you need.

We all have our own ways of calculating long-term profits and losses. It might not be the same for everyone and it is not just managing our finances. These calculations help us bring out the best in every situation. Well, Instagram has come up with an interesting trend about a similar concept, called the "Girl Math" trend where creators are talking about these calculations in their everyday lives in a humorous way. Another trend that got us talking is the "Food, the universal language that everyone understands" trend. Staying true to the name, people used this trend to share mouth-watering delights on their feeds.

Blackpink's Jennie Kim released another solo song "You & Me" recently and it didn't take long to find its place in the Instagram trends. We saw people creating content and vibing on this song. Olivia Rodrigo's new album is winning hearts and when people on the internet found its resemblance with the song "Where's the party tonight", it became the best mashup on the internet. In case you have missed it, you need to check out how people are creating crazy transition videos on the song. The song 'Hua mai' from the upcoming film of Ranbir Kapoor "Animal" has also found its way to our playlists and Instagram feeds.

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Here are some interesting trends for you to try: 

Girl Math\

Food, the universal love language that everyone understands

You & Me 

Hua Main 

Bad Idea right x where's the party tonight 


Saregama Carvaan Medley 

Falak Tak

What was your favorite trend of the week? 

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