September 2022 had us binging on all types of underrated movies!

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Underrated movies

While Brahmastra and its discussions kept us rather occupied this month, we binged on so many underrated movies on OTT too!

Amidst Brahmastra fan theories and endless conversations about its dialogues that had us rolling our eyes, case in point - "Isha mera button hai!", we also binged on underrated movies that kept us busy post-work while downing yet another bowl of ice cream! We're not sure about you but we love ourselves a boy meets girl story like the one in The Hating Game or a crime thriller like HIT the first case! While some of them didn't quite hold our attention, Chhappad Phaad Ke gave us Vinay Pathak at his best!

Looking for something fun to watch over the weekend? Here's a list!

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The Hating Game - Prime Video

There is no ‘will they won’t they’ plotline in rom coms simply because these always have a happy ending and that’s precisely what makes suckers like me watch chic flicks in the first place. Directed by Peter HutchingsThe Hating Game reminded me of precisely this! The palpable sexual chemistry between the leads, misunderstandings born out of triggers and personal baggage, and putting their egos aside to find their way back to each other, oh the predictability in rom coms is what I live for!

‘HIT the first case’ - Netflix

A Hindi remake of a Telugu film by the same name, HIT the first case keeps you captivated if not at the edge of your seat by giving you the very many emotions of a Homicide Intervention Team officer who’s driven by past trauma and frustration caused by reaching dead ends in a kidnapping case that also involves his girlfriend. PS. Keep an eye out for Shilpa Shukla in this murder mystery!

Chhappad Phaad Ke - Disney+ Hotstar

Vinay Pathak has this insane ability to portray the ever-changing human psyche with his body language alone and Chhappad Phaad Ke is yet another example of his brilliance. This satirical dramedy mainly delves into one of the biggest issues we face in India – corruption and showcases this via focusing the story around the time of demonetization, with a healthy mix of “ache din aayenge” and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan all while talking about Indian hypocrisy aka how quickly we change our beliefs when faced with inane amounts of money, no humans spared!

Senior Year - Netflix

For a chic-flick with a ’20-years later’ premise, you’d expect Senior Year to be a lot more nuanced than it is but it’s far too occupied with trying to make a mediocre script work! The start of this film sounds like the story of every single infamous teenager who doesn’t quite fit in for reasons unknown to them! Everything after that looks like British director, Alex Hardcastle is trying too hard to make ‘fetch’ happen! If you’ve watched 13 going on 30 and Mean Girls, Senior Year falls harder than the protagonist does in the first 15 minutes of the film.

Me Time - Netflix

‘A stay-at-home dad taking a week off to rejuvenate and remember who he used to be’ sounds like such a wholesome story, one you’re waiting to unfold while you’re rooting for him to figure it out, especially if you’ve watched one of your parents play that role too. What starts off rather well in Me Time, soon begins to highlight so many themes that it’s hard to drive the underlying message home.

Which of these have you watched already? Tell us in the comments below!

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