Mental health: Movies that sensitively handled this social issue

Mental health is a priority for everyone right now, so we wanted to share some movies that cover this social issue sensitively.

These movies had music as the hero of the story

Here are some movies where music held the film together and took it to the next level, making it the hero.

Inspiring songs for days when you feel glum

This list of inspiring songs will uplift your mood and inspire you on days when you need it.

Mithila Palkar’s Alexis dance cover has us going *boop*

Check out how fans reacted after Mithila Palkar decided to walk in really nice shoes and post her Alexis dance routine video...

Sufi inspired playlist to help you relax after a stressful day

These timeless and soulful Sufi songs are the epitome of emotions. Listen to them once and you'll surely be listening to them...

Rishi Kapoor- the timeless actor

This day will mark one year since the demise of actor Rishi Kapoor, and we want to remember everything about him that...

Entertainment Roundup for a little distraction in the day

In just a few minutes get to know in short about all the news that you might have missed during the week...

Irrfan Khan – the human we fell irrevocably in love with

On his death anniversary, we're remembering everything Irrfan Khan was that went above and beyond his unforgettable onscreen performances.

News from the Entertainment Industry in shorts, this will keep you...

Catch up on all the important news from around the entertainment industry in one place and in a shorter version.

Inspiring biopics on OTT platforms will energize and help you feel...

These inspiring biopics on OTT platforms will energize and motivate you during the lockdown and make you feel stronger like never before!

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