#BingeRewind: 10 underrated performances of 2023 in Hindi web series that deserve an applaud!

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Underrated Performances of 2023 in Hindi web series

Underrated Performances of 2023 in Hindi web series

#LetsKetchup: Apart from the performances that stole the year away, here are some underrated performances of 2023 in Hindi web series that also deserve to be applauded for their incredible portrayal!

Without the actors, characters are just some words written on a piece of paper left at the mercy of someone else's imagination. Fortunately, a time has come where not just the leads but artists are noticed and lauded for their work, especially in web series where it's not just the protagonists but the entire cast that helps make up that world. While we do notice a lot of performances, there are some that we end up missing out on appreciating because of focusing on others. One can easily say that it has been Saurabh Sachdeva's year with him being practically everywhere from films like Animal, Jaane Jaan to series like Bambai Meri Jaan. Apart from him, there are other underrated performances of 2023 in Hindi web series too who definitely need to be put into the limelight! 

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Vijay Varma and Yashapl Sharma - Kaalkoot 

Ravi (Vijay Varma) and Yadav Ji (Yashapl Sharma) are both male police officers who when start to investigate an acid attack on a girl, also unearth the stereotypes of masculinity that both of them have grown up with. It's the perfect portrayal of unlearning the art of being a "man" and Vijay Varma and Yashpal Sharma know how to handle these characters with care. Finally, a character where Vijay Varma is not the bad guy! 

Saba Azad - Ask Your Gynac 

Dr. Vidhushi (Saba Azad) is your unjudgemental friendly, chirpy, understanding, and upbeat gynac who not only helps solve problems of the vagina but also provides much-needed sex education that is otherwise tabooed to be even talked about. Saba Azad is perfect as this young doctor who breaks the fourth wall to talk to the audience. 

Saurabh Sachdeva and Nivedita Bhattacharya - Bambai Meri Jaan 

Haaji is the sort of villain that you have a love-hate relationship with because he is human as well as a monster. And Saurabh Sachdeva knows exactly how to find that sweet balance so that even evil can look extremely good. While women, rather mothers are always found in the same backseat arc in a gangster thriller, here, Nivedita Bhattacharya in her role as Sakina Kadri is powerful as well as soft. 

Varin Roopani and Vir Pachisia - School of Lies 

In a show where kids are taken seriously and treated as people who are growing up facing problems rather than just tools for innocence, these young actors, Varin Roopani and Vir Paschisia stole the show despite being around actors like Nimrat Kaur and Aamir Bashir with their delicately dark roles as Vikram Singh and Shakti, respectively. 

Ahsaas Channa and Gyanendra Tripathi - Half CA 

This show is built in such a way that every dialogue and scene gets to be etched in your mind and so do its actors. Ahsaas Channa and Gyanendra Tripathi as these CA aspirants not only teach you about CA but also about life. To watch Ahsaas struggling to live in Mumbai and Gyanendra repeatedly breaking his heart over failing to clear his final exams just makes them so relatable to all of us! 

Harleen Sethi - Kohrra 

This show could be said to be an underdog success as with its applause it also brought Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti their much-deserved appreciation. While the men were lauded, it was also the women who made up the show. Harleen Sethi's portrayal of Suvinder's daughter Nimrat, this look into a woman stuck in a man's world just wanting to break free was liberating as well as real.

Abhay Deol - Trial By Fire 

Trial by Fire received appreciation for its realistic approach of telling this tale and Rajshri Deshpande was lauded for her role as Neelam Krishnamoorthy but Abhay Deol as Shekar Krishnamoorthy was commendable as well. He played a desperate father who wants justice as well as answers for his children's deaths. 

Gagan Dev Riar - Scam 2003

This second installment of Scam, a universe built by Hansal Mehta didn't get as crazy a response as its first installment as Scam 2003 lacked somewhere in its storytelling. But it is needless to say that Gagan Dev Riar as Abdul Karim was superfluous and effortless in his portrayal of a real-life figure. 

Tanya Maniktala - P.I. Meena 

A detective show where a private investigator is a woman with a poker face who gives away no emotion whatsoever and yet manages to keep you on the edge, Tanya Maniktala manages to pull off Meenakshi quite well keeping in touch with the ground realities of being a female private investigator. 

Varun Mitra - Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo 

In a show that celebrates women's power and strength giving them all the stunts and hero-centric arcs to run a drug cartel, men tend to often get ignored. But for one, Varun Mitra as one of the sons of Kapil who is oblivious to the real business, has quite wonderfully performed his arc from being a completely lost man to rising to the occasion even if it meant killing someone. 

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