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Aatmanirbharta named as Hindi Word of 2020 by Oxford Languages

Aatmanirbharta was chosen as the Hindi Word of the Year by Oxford Languages with an advisory panel of language experts.
male performances

Best 2020 male performances in movies

Right from Kunal Khemu's comedic skills in Lootcase to Ajay devgan's portrayal of Tanaji , this year actors got an opportunity to showcase their range as an actor. This year plot and character work was given more focus than the star image. This year some amazing male performances created huge impact.
male characters

Best male characters in OTT shows that left an impression in 2020

Many performances managed to create an impact this year including some new faces and some established actors. Check out the 2020 best male performances list now

OTT shows memes that trended on our timeline in 2020

In this pandemic, OTT shows became our rescue from the going-on around in the world while OTT shows memes became the new...
Queer characters

Queer characters from 2020 that stole our hearts

Representation of Queer Characters in entertainment is very essential and though it has always been into existence what wasn't there before was representation in the correct light. But with recent times and especially in 2020 we saw some fantastic well written Queer characters

Tribute to the legends who passed away in 2020

As this year comes to end, here is a tribute to the legends who met their sad demise in 2020.
Instagram creators/chefs

Recipes from the top Chefs of 2020 will have you drooling

Follow these top Chefs of 2020 for quick and easy recipes to make your New Year more delectable. It's...
Pets of Instagram

Pets of Instagram that made our 2020 (p)awesome!

Here are some of the most adorable and fluffiest pets of Instagram that will make you fall in love. Have a look.

#ThisHappened2020: Global and Indian music artists took centerstage on Twitter

In 2020, global and Indian music artists won hearts with their melodies. Here's the list of the top musicians who ruled Twitter...
movie characters

#LetsKetchup: Here’s a list of the best female movie characters from 2020

Year 2020 has been a fruitful year for the entertainment industry as many films with different subjects were explored. But the female characters particularly stole the show with strong and multi-dimensional roles.

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