As our Villain Wednesday series comes to an end we take a look at all the bad guys with this iconic villains roundup.

For years to come, the list of iconic villains will always be topped by only one. And it is not a person or a character but a year, 2020. It feels more than unfair to be talking about villains and antagonists when we lived through a horrific year ourselves. With all the stress and unhappy events, the year only proved to us that life without villains is mundane.

Villains are just that part of our films that you think you hate but are the ones who make the entire movie interesting. They are the one that gives the story a riveting edge compelling us to engross ourselves into the movie and vouch for the “hero” or the protagonist. It is the villains flaws and hateful ideas that makes us distinguish between good and evil.

For years now, the idea and concept around villains have changed. The need to produce quality content have encouraged filmmakers to find the grey between the black and white. Characters have arched from just being good or bad to being more complex and intricate. Anti-heroes are playing the protagonist and the so-called villains are given a dreadful past giving us the reason for their evil behavior. Ketchup’s Villain Wednesday series aimed at recognizing and appreciating such striking characters who added spice to our motion pictures. These iconic villains have been giving us major filmgasm and satisfying every movie fanatics’ need for the perfect artistic commotion to uplift the spirit of a movie.

As we come to an end with our Villain Wednesday series, we take a look back at these entrancing characters.

Check out all this villains roundup:

Bollywood Baddies

Action speaks louder than words, the Psychotic bunch

The sleek baddies

Villains we love to hate

Too good to be true

Too much love is dangerous

Beyond reality

Apart from this list of villains roundup there also have been characters that did not make to our list but are enthralling. These characters deserve the same or more amount of love for bringing their villainous tactics onscreen.

Anton Chigurh
Movie: No Country For Old Men
Played by: Spanish actor Javier Bardem

Calvin Candie
Movie: Django Unchained
Played by: Leonardo Dicaprio

Norman Bates
Movie: Psycho
Actor: Anthony Perkins

Alex DeLarge
Movie: Clockwork Orange
Played by: Malcolm McDowell

Annie Wilkes
Movie: Misery
Played by: Kathy Bates

Patrick Bateman
Movie: American Pyscho
Played by: Christian Bale

Nurse Ratched
Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Played by: Louise Fletcher

Kathryn Merteuil
Movie: Cruel Intentions
Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Going through the whole series, kya Mogambo khush hua? Let us know you thoughts.

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